Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Fiction in Cioran volume "Wound of Wounds"

Wound of Wounds
was Ex Occidente/Mount Abraxas' book in tribute to Emil Cioran, published in 2017.

 My piece in the book is titled "The European Monster Part II," it's a despairing meta-fiction. 

Great work in this one: 

Misanthropos by Eugene Thacker

The Infinite Error by Jon Padgett

The Aristocracy of Weak Nerves by Justin Isis

Obsolete Systems by Adam Golaski

Bach’s Marionettes by Douglas Thompson

This Disquiet Demiurge by Alcebiades Diniz Miguel

The Translator of God's Silences by Thomas Stromsholt

Saint Severina's Fire by Damian Murphy

He is Heading Your Way Already by Rhys Hughes

Decade by D.P. Watt

The Genealogy of Night by Andrew Condous

Horrill Hill by Karim Ghahwagi

Dead Engrained Skin by Jonathan Wood

The Treasons of the Rue de L'Odeon by Colin Insole

The Funeral Cry by Stephan Friedman

The European Monster Part II by Adam S. Cantwell

Untitled by Charles Schneider

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Original fiction in "All is Full of Hell," a book for William Blake

"All is Full of Hell" was Ex Occidente/Mount Abraxas' book for William Blake, published in 2017. 

My piece "The Torso in Shadow" was included. 

Thursday, September 3, 2020

New fiction in "The Gift of the Kos'mos Cometh!" (Ex Occidente/L’Homme Récent)

I have a short piece entitled "Black Chroma" in the anthology The Gift of the Kos'mos Cometh! A Homage to Night and Kosmos, a literary tribute to night from Ex Occidente Press and editors Geticus Polus and Damian Murphy. 

Gorgeous book. John Gale is in this one. 

New fiction in "And the Whore is This Temple" (Ex Occidente Press)


I had a piece in Ex Occidente's 2015 collection "And the Whore is This Temple" - a themed anthology around temples and worship. 

Another big fine book filled with very good writers. My piece was entitled "The Chamber in the Universe."


John Howard: Another Sea

Alcebiades Diniz Miguel: Tidal Wave of Virginal Blood

Thomas Strømsholt: The Waning of the Light

Avalon Brantley: Corpus: A Mandala of Anathomy and Metaphysiology

Leopold Nacht: The Savants of the House of Exile

Stephen Friedman: The Ophidian Revelation

Thomas Phillips: Picture at an Exhibition

Colin Insole: The Abdication of the Serpent

Rhys Hughes: The Nine Impossible Temples of Chaud-Mellé

Andrew Condous: Saints of a Cataphysical Syncretism

Charles Schneider: The Panopticon Virus

Jonathan Wood: Anima OV Animus

Adam S. Cantwell: The Chamber in the Universe

D.P. Watt: Imperium Sine Fine

Friday, November 15, 2013

New fiction in Huysmans tribute "Transactions of the Flesh"

A short fiction of mine entitled "Martyr's Fuligin" will appear in Ex Occidente / Zagava's forthcoming tribute to J.K. Huysmans, Transactions of the Flesh.

Ordering information and details about the two editions offered are here. It appears the book may be available before the end of 2013.

Here's a table of contents that may or may not be final:
Pray to the God of Flux, Jonathan Wood
Ziegler against the World, John Howard
Towards Nature, Douglas Thompson
In Our Deep Vaulted Cell, Derek John
Summer Dusk, Winter Moon, Berit Ellingsen
Ash Sun, Raspberry Sky, Adam Golaski 
Angel Head, Harold Billings
Starless Mornings Find Me Older, Peter Holman
An Expiatory Pessimism, Eugene Thacker
The Red Seed, Louis Marvick 
Indescribable, M.O.N.
The Key to Jerusalem, Mark Valentine

Endgame Aesthete, Jeremy Reed
The Sulphur Remedy, Oliver Smith 

Salammbô and the Zaïmph of Tanit, Colin Insole 
Again, the Granite, or A 21st Century Secret Experiment in Devastating Ennui, Charles Schneider
A Hive of Pain, D.P. Watt
Martyr’s Fuligin, Adam S. Cantwell 

Pierrot the sceptic (1881), Léon Hennique & J.-K. Huysmans 

Another really interesting project that I'm very happy to be a part of. A few new faces in addition to the usual gang--needless to say I'm thrilled that my work will appear in the same volume with the filthy smut of M.O.N. (check out gnOme if you haven't already.)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Orphans on Granite Tides" available now!

My latest book Orphans on Granite Tides is available to order now! US customers are encouraged to order from the wonderful of Shingletown, California. It's also available directly from the publisher Ex Occidente Press (the site does not currently show Orphans but you are encouraged to send inquiries directly to .)

Please click here for a brief summary and cover image. 

Customers who buy from Ex Occidente or from Ziesings will receive as a bonus the wonderful portfolio of drawings that Charles Schneider created to accompany the text. The portfolio is still at the printers but is expected soon; if you order now, the book will ship now with the portfolio to follow.

I'm really proud of the text, Charles' amazing and macabre drawings, and the lovely quality of the book's design, printing, and binding. I hope readers enjoy it.

Reviews can be found on D.F. Lewis' site and on The Stars at Noonday.

*There's an unfortunate error on the copyright page that I must note and take responsibility for: Charles' name was left off of the copyright page. He created the image used on the endpapers, as well as the capital at the beginning of the text. I can't thank Charles enough for his work on my book and I regret the blunder.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Story in 's H.P. Lovecraft Issue

My new story "Offal" can be read free of charge in Fiddleblack #8 - their H.P. Lovecraft issue. My tale incorporates the always-relevant and fascinating theme of hoarding. Some really great writing in this number, please enjoy it.

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