Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Delicate Toxins" named year's best horror antho by Black Static's Peter Tennant

Black Static is, of course, the UK's most prominent horror fiction magazine, and their fiction reviewer Peter Tennant has picked Delicate Toxins as best horror anthology of 2011.

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My story "The Filature" received favorable notice in Mr. Tennant's full review of Delicate Toxins in the December 2011 issue of Black Static. He wrote: "‘The Filature’ by Adam S. Cantwell plays out like a mix of Kafka’s Metamorphosis and the film Silk, with a German entrepreneur at the silk factory of a Chinese magnate witnessing the transformation of a young woman, the story starting out naturalistically enough and then drifting into uncharted waters of the imagination, along the way taking in social commentary and the dangers of a too literal reading of religious symbolism."

Congratulations to editor John Hirschhorn-Smith and to the other writers!


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