Monday, October 8, 2012

New story in "The First Book of Classical Horror Stories"

My story "Beyond Two Rivers: A Symphonic Poem" appears in The First Book of Classical Horror Stories, available directly from the publisher or from the Amazon corporation.

Some very fine authors are represented here, the price is nice, and every purchase supports independent small-press publishers and authors like Mr. D.F. Lewis, the contributors, and myself.

My story is a tale of supernatural revenge set in a fictional repressive Middle Eastern nation involving a conductor who's not as good (morally) as he could be, a terrorized orchestra, and strange music both real and imagined.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Core of an Enormous Black Rose

It has arrived: Dan Ghetu and D.P. Watt's homage anthology for the immortal Bruno Schulz, This Hermetic Legislature. My story "The Notched Sword" appears herein.

To buy, go to its page on the Ex Occidente site, or check one of the retailers to the right.

Cisco, Watt, Schneider, Lane, Insole--another titanic emanation from Bucharest.

Full contents are as follows:
1. Fugue for Black Thursday by George Berguno
2. Great Ruins of Tomorrow by Stephen J. Clark
3. The Fall of a City Planner by Karim Ghahwagi
4. The Messiah of the Mannequins by Rhys Hughes
5. Letters in Black Wood by Joel Lane
6. The Original Light by Mark Valentine
7. With Shadow All the Marble Steps by Oliver Smith
8. Manual of Quiet Destruction by Charles Schneider
9. Silver on Green by John Howard
10. The Subjugation of Eros by D.P. Watt
11. All in a Hot and Copper Sky by Dominy Clements
12. My Ruined Father by Douglas Thompson
13. The Notched Sword by Adam S. Cantwell
14. A Calendar of Cherries by Colin Insole
15. The Vile Game of Gunter and Landau by Michael Cisco
16. A Posthumous Messiah by Reggie Oliver
17. The Restaurant Saint Martin by R.B. Russell
18. My Heretical Existence by Mark Samuels

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New story online at!

Proud to announce that a new story of mine called "The Face in the Wall" appears in the latest issue of the online literary journal Fiddleblack. Navigate to Issue #4 to find my tale.

This will be the first time my work appears outside of expensive limited editions, so I'm very happy that some new readers might get a chance to sample my work.

Fiddleblack is worth keeping an eye on - in addition to the already interesting journal, they will soon be starting a press for real physical books.

The story itself-I'm calling it a conte cruel with exotic elements, in which a man undergoes a terrible punishment. Hope you enjoy it.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Review Compendium for "A Pallid Wave..."

Here are links for all the reviews (that I know of) of my book A Pallid Wave on Shores of Night.
-On The Stars at Noonday 
-a D.F. Lewis real-time review 
-On Goodreads 
Anyone interested in reviewing the book please contact me in the Comments, thanks.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Delicate Toxins" named year's best horror antho by Black Static's Peter Tennant

Black Static is, of course, the UK's most prominent horror fiction magazine, and their fiction reviewer Peter Tennant has picked Delicate Toxins as best horror anthology of 2011.

Read more.

My story "The Filature" received favorable notice in Mr. Tennant's full review of Delicate Toxins in the December 2011 issue of Black Static. He wrote: "‘The Filature’ by Adam S. Cantwell plays out like a mix of Kafka’s Metamorphosis and the film Silk, with a German entrepreneur at the silk factory of a Chinese magnate witnessing the transformation of a young woman, the story starting out naturalistically enough and then drifting into uncharted waters of the imagination, along the way taking in social commentary and the dangers of a too literal reading of religious symbolism."

Congratulations to editor John Hirschhorn-Smith and to the other writers!

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