Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Delicate Toxins now shipping; where to buy, and pictures!

I have received my copies of Delicate Toxins, they are very attractive and I recommend you purchase your own immediately! I have posted some pictures to tempt you. Here we see images of the cover and of the title page of my contribution, the short story "The Filature."

I cracked open my copy last night and turned immediately to Mark Valentine's story. Superb, crystal-clear, deeply-felt and cogent writing as always. Valentine is the real thing, my friends. I look forward to reading the rest of the tales over the next weeks.

Order from the publisher, Realms of Fantasy, or Cold Tonnage. I will update as it becomes available from other sellers.

UPDATE: Now available in the US from Ziesing Books.

A Pallid Wave... now in stock at Ziesing, Fantastic Literature

Ziesing Books (US) and Fantastic Literature (UK) have received their copies of my book A Pallid Wave on Shores of Night and are now shipping! You may still order directly from the publisher, Ex Occidente Press.

Here we see an image of the cloth cover, which is adorned with the gold-embossed words of the pioneering composer (and subject of one of the book's tales) Anton von Webern.

As mentioned elsewhere, the edition is limited to 100, so act!

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