Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Collection A Pallid Wave on Shores of Night coming soon from Passport Levant

Please allow me to draw your attention to my forthcoming book: A Pallid Wave on Shores of Night (Passport Levant, Bucharest 2011), now available for pre-order from the publisher:

This slim volume consists of three stories of musicians and composers whose lives and work are beleaguered by the disasters of 20th-century European history and by the unappeased spirits of Antiquity who hover just behind that history.

I was inspired, perhaps foolishly, by my love of the Western music tradition to loosely base my protagonists on actual composers: Anton von Webern, Jean Sibelius, and Alexander Mosolov.

Passport Levant is an imprint of Ex Occidente Press. All Passport Levant titles, mine included, are landscape-format, gold-foil-stamped, clothbound hardcovers with dustjacket. Edition is limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.

(Here we see, for illustration, a sneak-preview snapshot of the dustjacket.)

Short Story "The Filature" in Delicate Toxins

My short story "The Filature" appears in the forthcoming anthology Delicate Toxins (ed. J.N. Smith, Side Real Press Newcastle upon Tyne 2011).

Available soon directly from the publisher or from dealers in fine editions of fantastic literature.

This collection pays tribute to the German author of the cruel and weird, Hanns Heinz Ewers. (Those of you who have been paying close attention to the postings here may have detected a pattern...)

Side Real Press adds this volume to their series of Ewers titles, which so far consists of Nachtmahr - Strange Tales and a new translation of Alraune.

Also represented in this book are - ah hell, I'll just paste the complete contents:

'The Rites of Pentecost' - Peter Bell
'The Filature' - Adam S. Cantwell
'Tlaloc' - Angela Caperton
'Endor' - Michael Chislett
'Salmacis' - Stephen J. Clark
'A Pallid Devil Bearing Cypress' - Richard Gavin
'The Devil In The Box' - Orrin Grey
'Magicians And Moonlight' - Katherine Haynes
'Lotte Of The Black Piglet' - Colin Insole
'Crossing The Sea Of Night' - Mark Howard Jones
'Dogs' - rj krijnen-kemp
'The Naked Goddess' - Daniel Mills
'White Roses, Bloody Silk' - Thana Niveau
'Singing Blood' - Reggie Oliver
'Mathilde' - Ray Russell
'Masks'- Mark Samuels
'The Unrest At Aachen' - Mark Valentine
'Holzwege' - D. P. Watt

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Short Story "Only For the Crossed-Out" in The Master in Cafe Morphine

My short story "Only For the Crossed-Out" appears in the forthcoming anthology The Master in Café Morphine: A Homage to Mikhail Bulgakov (ed. Dan T. Ghetu, Ex Occidente Press Bucharest 2011).

(At left is a handsome Bulgakov-themed illustration by C.C. Askew.)

I have heard fairly persuasive rumors that this long-awaited volume will see publication in March 2011.

Available to pre-order from the publisher:

Once again, I am stunned to see my work appear between hard covers alongside stories by Mark Valentine, R.B. Russell, Reggie Oliver, and other gifted practitioners.

UPDATE: Now it looks like this book will emerge sometime in June/July. I have done final corrections on my story and had a peek at the interior layout- it's another triumph of book design by Dan and team. Collectors and aesthetes rejoice!

Short Story "The Cylinder of Shunyakasha" in Cinnabar's Gnosis

My short story "The Cylinder of Shunyakasha" appears in the anthology Cinnabar's Gnosis: A Homage to Gustav Meyrink (ed. Dan T. Ghetu, Ex Occidente Press, Bucharest 2010.)

I'm very pleased that my work appears alongside fine stories by Mark Valentine, Steve Rasnic Tem, Mark Samuels, and many others.

Ex Occidente's books are fine hardcovers, printed in Romania in limited editions and replete with recondite literature from some of the finest modern practitioners of the strange tale. A few copies of Cinnabar's Gnosis remain available for mail order directly from the publisher:

Also available at Cold Tonnage and elsewhere...

(The evocative dust-jacket illustration, seen here, is by John Coulthart.)

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