Friday, November 15, 2013

New fiction in Huysmans tribute "Transactions of the Flesh"

A short fiction of mine entitled "Martyr's Fuligin" will appear in Ex Occidente / Zagava's forthcoming tribute to J.K. Huysmans, Transactions of the Flesh.

Ordering information and details about the two editions offered are here. It appears the book may be available before the end of 2013.

Here's a table of contents that may or may not be final:
Pray to the God of Flux, Jonathan Wood
Ziegler against the World, John Howard
Towards Nature, Douglas Thompson
In Our Deep Vaulted Cell, Derek John
Summer Dusk, Winter Moon, Berit Ellingsen
Ash Sun, Raspberry Sky, Adam Golaski 
Angel Head, Harold Billings
Starless Mornings Find Me Older, Peter Holman
An Expiatory Pessimism, Eugene Thacker
The Red Seed, Louis Marvick 
Indescribable, M.O.N.
The Key to Jerusalem, Mark Valentine

Endgame Aesthete, Jeremy Reed
The Sulphur Remedy, Oliver Smith 

Salammbô and the Zaïmph of Tanit, Colin Insole 
Again, the Granite, or A 21st Century Secret Experiment in Devastating Ennui, Charles Schneider
A Hive of Pain, D.P. Watt
Martyr’s Fuligin, Adam S. Cantwell 

Pierrot the sceptic (1881), Léon Hennique & J.-K. Huysmans 

Another really interesting project that I'm very happy to be a part of. A few new faces in addition to the usual gang--needless to say I'm thrilled that my work will appear in the same volume with the filthy smut of M.O.N. (check out gnOme if you haven't already.)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Orphans on Granite Tides" available now!

My latest book Orphans on Granite Tides is available to order now! US customers are encouraged to order from the wonderful of Shingletown, California. It's also available directly from the publisher Ex Occidente Press (the site does not currently show Orphans but you are encouraged to send inquiries directly to .)

Please click here for a brief summary and cover image. 

Customers who buy from Ex Occidente or from Ziesings will receive as a bonus the wonderful portfolio of drawings that Charles Schneider created to accompany the text. The portfolio is still at the printers but is expected soon; if you order now, the book will ship now with the portfolio to follow.

I'm really proud of the text, Charles' amazing and macabre drawings, and the lovely quality of the book's design, printing, and binding. I hope readers enjoy it.

Reviews can be found on D.F. Lewis' site and on The Stars at Noonday.

*There's an unfortunate error on the copyright page that I must note and take responsibility for: Charles' name was left off of the copyright page. He created the image used on the endpapers, as well as the capital at the beginning of the text. I can't thank Charles enough for his work on my book and I regret the blunder.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Story in 's HPL Issue

My new story "Offal" can be read free of charge in Fiddleblack #8 - their H.P. Lovecraft issue. My tale incorporates the always-relevant and fascinating theme of hoarding. Some really great writing in this number, please enjoy it.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Preview of new book "Orphans on Granite Tides" available now

My next book Orphans on Granite Tides will be published in the coming months by Ex Occidente Press/les Éditions de l’Oubli. There is now a preview available to download here.

Thanks to Dan of EO and to Charles Schneider, who provided the custom capitals as well as a sheaf of spectacular drawings which will accompany the book as a portfolio.
A brief description of the book follows:

A Metaphysical Grotesque by Adam S. Cantwell

The German watches the door. White faces rush by like bubbles.

The Russian emerges with the parcel under his arm. Raindrops darken the brown paper.

Inside the parcel, a silk-lined box; inside that, the ragged, stained pages of the Miwok’s manuscript. The cryptic memoir recounts the life and dreams of an obscure mystic—a childhood on the wild coast of America, at the edge of the earth; servitude on the Continent; flights to worlds within the world… It illuminates everything and nothing, it prefigures and obscures the new world forming beneath the fissured crust of 1939.

The German and the Russian have been sent after the manuscript and will judge whether it is authentic, or a late forgery, a hateful slander, or an epochal testament of planetary history. They will chase the dead savage’s words through Paris, to the edge of the precipice, and beyond.

The Miwok’s words would help them, would warn them, if the gulf separating them all could be bridged…

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Story in Fiddleblack's print antho "Apparitional Experience"

I'm a bit late with this news:'s first-ever print annual features a new story of mine entitled "The Curse of Desert and Flesh." (It's sort of a companion piece to my story "The Face in the Wall," which appeared in Fiddleblack #4. ) The theme of the annual, which is titled Apparitional Experience, has to do with the idea of "ghost stories without ghosts."

It can be ordered from the publisher here or on Amazon here. Check out the publisher's link for an evocative book trailer and to read about the other fine authors featured.

Monday, October 8, 2012

New story in "The First Book of Classical Horror Stories"

My story "Beyond Two Rivers: A Symphonic Poem" appears in The First Book of Classical Horror Stories, available directly from the publisher or from the Amazon corporation.

Some very fine authors are represented here, the price is nice, and every purchase supports independent small-press publishers and authors like Mr. D.F. Lewis, the contributors, and myself.

My story is a tale of supernatural revenge set in a fictional repressive Middle Eastern nation involving a conductor who's not as good (morally) as he could be, a terrorized orchestra, and strange music both real and imagined.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Core of an Enormous Black Rose

It has arrived: Dan Ghetu and D.P. Watt's homage anthology for the immortal Bruno Schulz, This Hermetic Legislature. My story "The Notched Sword" appears herein.

To buy, go to its page on the Ex Occidente site, or check one of the retailers to the right.

Cisco, Watt, Schneider, Lane, Insole--another titanic emanation from Bucharest.

Full contents are as follows:
1. Fugue for Black Thursday by George Berguno
2. Great Ruins of Tomorrow by Stephen J. Clark
3. The Fall of a City Planner by Karim Ghahwagi
4. The Messiah of the Mannequins by Rhys Hughes
5. Letters in Black Wood by Joel Lane
6. The Original Light by Mark Valentine
7. With Shadow All the Marble Steps by Oliver Smith
8. Manual of Quiet Destruction by Charles Schneider
9. Silver on Green by John Howard
10. The Subjugation of Eros by D.P. Watt
11. All in a Hot and Copper Sky by Dominy Clements
12. My Ruined Father by Douglas Thompson
13. The Notched Sword by Adam S. Cantwell
14. A Calendar of Cherries by Colin Insole
15. The Vile Game of Gunter and Landau by Michael Cisco
16. A Posthumous Messiah by Reggie Oliver
17. The Restaurant Saint Martin by R.B. Russell
18. My Heretical Existence by Mark Samuels

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